The first Minimel Lynx systems with ALADIN (Automatic Level Adaption Due to Identified Noise) were delivered to our customers. The ALADIN effect is technically based on a control system. It controls the warning volume automatically depending on the ambient noise. The implemented technical solution ALADIN for Track Warning System provides the following benefits:

  • Redundant
    2 independent measurement paths allow a failsafe structure with SIL4

  • Accurate
    Microphones used as sound level meters are very accurate over the entire frequency and temperature range.

  • monitoring of the emitted warning level
    While the warning unit sounds the alarm, the controller supervises via the microphones the emitted warning level and recognizes unauthorized manipulation

  • Compliant with standards and regulations
    All requirements compliant to upcoming standard EN16704-2-1 and the DB module 132.10118 ragarding automatic level adjustments

For the neigboring residents of railway construction sites, ALADIN measurably reduces noise generated from the Track Warning System, without impairing the sound level to warn track workers. This contribution to environmental protection has been demonstrated on several test sites.