Following trials on the Anglia and Kent Routes, Schweizer Electronic’s Overlay Miniature Stop Light System called VaMoS has received a full certificate of acceptance from Network Rail.

With over 6500 level crossings in active use on Network Rail managed infrastructure, and with over 75% where public footpaths, bridleways and private roads cross the railway, VaMoS provides the opportunity to significantly improve safety, automatically warning the public and road users of approaching  trains.

Designed for Bridleways, Footpath and Farm type crossings, VaMoS uses wheel sensors on the track to detect the train. Meeting the requirements of Safety Integrity Level 3 for a level crossing protection system, the system removes signaller involvement on these particularly dangerous crossings.

“Currently members of the public have to ring the signaller for permission to cross the line. For long signal sections on rural routes, this could mean pedestrians and vehicles waiting for as much as 15 minutes before the train arrives at the crossing” said Chris Foreman, General Manager of Schweizer Electronic UK, “this might have tempted some users into taking risks and putting themselves and trains in danger. The introduction of VaMoS reduces these potential risks by delivering a consistent audible warning, and also a verbal ‘Another Train Coming’ alert if necessary.”

As well as lower operational risks to pedestrians and vehicles, VaMoS’ s high reliability and low cost also offer a Lower Cost of Ownership (LCO) to Network Rail. Using a modular design, the system is factory tested in Switzerland and delivered to site for a ‘Plug and Play’ installation. In addition although virtually maintenance free, the system will send out a Text or Email to maintenance teams if a rare fault exists.  

VaMoS can operate on lines of up to 125 mph and does not interfere with existing signalling systems. Operating internally at 24v DC, the system has also been designed to be compatible with renewable energy systems, particularly useful considering the rural location of many footpath and farm crossings.

For over 50 years, Schweizer Electronic have manufactured Track Warning Systems and Level Crossings from Switzerland, serving Rail infrastructure companies across the world. Its products are designed to provide the lowest cost of ownership solutions for rail crossings, and safe access to running rail for track workers, facilitating productive rail maintenance and construction techniques. For more information, contact 01827 289996 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.