Schweizer Electronic have released two new videos which explain Minimel Lynx, its new Track Warning System which provides access to the track for workers while trains are running.

With a plug-in-plug-out setup, Minimel Lynx can warn track workers of approaching trains on small as well as large railway construction sites. Typically when workers are on foot, manual detection of trains using a lookout has been the norm, however using a Radar sensor, Minimel Lynx can be configured quickly to detect trains automatically without lookouts with a high degree of safety (SIL4).

Audible Warnings can be delivered to track workers individually using a personal warning device and earphones, or to a Group of workers using a wireless loudspeaker system which can adjust its volume automatically to the level of background noise at the location. Also available within the Minimel Lynx range are loudspeakers that can fit onto road-railers.

Minimel Lynx’s radio reception is the most reliable on the market, helped by a radio repeater system which can double radio range and ensure the system works in areas with radio interference and physical barriers such as deep cuttings and densely packed buildings.

To keep warnings consistent on larger construction sites and ensure workers are not waiting too long for train arrivals, areas of the track can be subdivided into warning zones and using an automatic sector switching system, audible warning devices can be automatically logged into zones.

For over 50 years, Schweizer Electronic have manufactured Track Warning Systems and Level Crossings in Switzerland, serving Rail infrastructure companies across the world. Its products are designed to provide the lowest cost of ownership solutions for crossings, and safe access to running rail for track workers, facilitating productive rail maintenance and construction techniques. For more information, contact 01827 289996 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.